Strict l.s

Strict l.s

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oopstoyourhi By oopstoyourhi Updated Jun 17, 2016

Louis is your average 'bad boy,' Harry is your typical innocent child.

Basically, a worlds strictest parents au, Louis is sent to live with Harry and his parents because harry has strict af parents. The only difference is its not a tv thing. 


This is my first fanfic, and my first time publishing something publicly, so please go easy on me! So sorry if there are any mistakes or anything. Also! There is an age gap Harry will be 15 and Louis will be 18 so if that makes you uncomfortable you probably don't wanna read this! :')

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009000909q 009000909q Aug 09, 2017
did anyone think harry as the one in steal my girl video where he opened his mouth to ask a question but did not ask..cause i did :D
IssaQueen014 IssaQueen014 Oct 15, 2017
^literally my pajamas and i wear this everytime i go to sleep😂
-TheActualLucifer- -TheActualLucifer- Dec 09, 2016
I'm normally all for bottom louis but I can't help myself 😅