Strict l.s

Strict l.s

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oopstoyourhi By oopstoyourhi Updated Jun 17

Louis is your average 'bad boy,' Harry is your typical innocent child.

Basically, a worlds strictest parents au, Louis is sent to live with Harry and his parents because harry has strict af parents. The only difference is its not a tv thing. 


This is my first fanfic, and my first time publishing something publicly, so please go easy on me! So sorry if there are any mistakes or anything. Also! There is an age gap Harry will be 15 and Louis will be 18 so if that makes you uncomfortable you probably don't wanna read this! :')

stylines stylines Aug 08
dumb shites, sending a daddy in harry's direction makes harry a little bit more naughty
stylines stylines Aug 08
no need for cleaning since louis is cumming soon right, would leave to much work
raven33167 raven33167 Sep 15
Everyone is making sex jokes and im only thinking about how that would piss me tf off
They gonna bring another bed, because Harry's is too small for two people, then they gonna pull that two together like how Dan and Phil did.
One Direction, I am a big fan of them, and after 6 years, I'm waiting for them to come back.
maleigha_01 maleigha_01 Oct 18
Making my way downstairs 
                              Walking fast 
                              almost fall 
                               I give it my all 
                              And I make it