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Secret Smut Writer (Riren/ereri)

Secret Smut Writer (Riren/ereri)

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MyEreriSenpai By MyEreriSenpai Updated Oct 02, 2016

Levi had always been a social outcast and just didn't like people trying to get close to him. Maybe it wasn't that he wasn't trying to be seen but he had too many problems going on in his life. At age seven one of his mothers friends passed away from a illness. However, the father was a drunk and left leaving behind their young son. That boy was none other than Eren Jaeger, who would now grow up with Levi. They were brothers ever since that incident. Now twenty and with a job Levi tries to handle his life well.Yet there is something else that's been bothering him since the age of sixteen. His attraction to his adoptive brother these past years. He was now fifteen and in high school and Levi couldn't get him out of his head. But maybe what was troubling the most for Levi is that fanfiction he wrote about him and his brother. Now with Eren visiting more he just has to get Eren to follow the script. (boyxboy, aot and its characters and the art don't belong to me.)

My dad is kind of like this. He says I can do what I want, as long as I know there's consequences for every action.
readers_fan readers_fan Mar 25
Eren? I thought this was Levi's pov ???? 
                              Oh well.... 🤗🤗🤗
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OH CRAP I don't like using the word cute but damn IT'S JUST TOO ADORABLE
Lmao everyones like: AAAWWW SO CUTE *-*
                              And I be like: .... Everything's so damn awkward.... BUT I'LL HAVE TO READ IT!
I bet it's those R-Rated FanFics? I swear, you need Jesus, Levi.
                              WE need Him.