The Girl No One Noticed

The Girl No One Noticed

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"Save me, and I'll save you." I said holding his hand close to my heart, him leaning in. 

"If you save me, I will no doubt go to any lengths to protect you." He said his voice gruff, his minty breath washing over me.

"Then it's on."

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MoodTipsy_ MoodTipsy_ Mar 16
That wouldn't have been me. If i was her, I would've yelled at her not caring if she was the principal. Im not just going to let someone disrespect me like that.
Danger50 Danger50 Jun 28, 2016
And your not going to tell her about the lipstick that's cooled man😂😂😂
adri_6013 adri_6013 Feb 09
This name is funny but sad at the same time because ITS GOODWILL IS A PLACE TO DONATE CLOTHES TO THOSE LESS FORTUNATE
truelovebeliever33 truelovebeliever33 Nov 12, 2016
Really? She got a detention for THAT!!!??? She hardly did anything
Danger50 Danger50 Jun 28, 2016
That's one of the stupidest reasons to get detention she didn't just go up to the guy and say I'm going to pour this coffee on you and your going to like it
_tequila__ _tequila__ Jun 30, 2016
I literary eat my lipstick when I'm at a important function because I hate them.