Young Justice: Highschool AU |COMPLETE

Young Justice: Highschool AU |COMPLETE

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A basic Highschool AU about the Young Justice Team. Except for the fact that the only superheroes are in their imaginations and good old comic books. 

I do not own Young Justice only the plot ;)

Book one: Young Justice Highschool AU
Book two: Young Justice College AU

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hey no matter what anyone else suffers, my uniforms are the worst. we have to wear green, like forest green, and its the itchiest material ever. It gets hot and disgusting and he school smells like sweat because there is no air conditioning. IT SUCKS
Is highschool, that bad? I just started but it's an early college and I'm taking a college class too. So I'm also a college student
Artemis is me, but she is less aggressive, bitchy and sassy than me
Alfred: Master Dick!!
                              Me: Pffffft okay stay civilized 
                              Alfred: MASTER DICK!!
                              Me: Hahahhahahahaha 😂😂😂😆😆😆
I stab my enemies with pencils too. Though i usually use pens and for the people that REALLY irritate me i use 0.38 pens.
If you don't want to kill her then why throw a FRIGGIN KNIFE at her face?!