Young Justice: Highschool AU |COMPLETE

Young Justice: Highschool AU |COMPLETE

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Lauryn By Skycrystal23 Completed


A basic Highschool AU about the Young Justice Team. Except for the fact that the only superheroes are in their imaginations and good old comic books. 

I do not own Young Justice only the plot ;)

Book one: Young Justice Highschool AU
Book two: Young Justice College AU

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YangXaiLong YangXaiLong Apr 16
That sounds like me. I make threats all the time. Particularly about eating my friends. I need mental help. STAT.
Aw look at Richard he blushing!
                              Our little Richard Is crushing!
YangXaiLong YangXaiLong Apr 16
I don't know why, but this reminded me of titans hunt, where Donna asks what Dicks name is and he answers, and she says "thats unfortunate". I laughed my face off.
How does a Martian,orphan,daughter Of a hoe and a Martín,dropped un The middle Of The forgot spot in The caribbean
@Skycrystal23 So this alternate universe is basically Earth-Prime?
No! Bad! Never take advice from Wally! Especially about GIRLS!