The Gay Band Book

The Gay Band Book

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Jake (he/him) By The-Next-Astronomer Completed

Gay band oneshots, what more can I say? This book is two years old, at the first few oneshots. Hopefully my writing got better, ahaha.

Anyways, ships I wrote:
-Peterick (not much)
-Jalex (not much, they're mentioned like once rip)
-Brallon (not much)
-Trillie (yet to be written but shall write)
-Bike (^ same)
-Phan (they're not a band I KNOW)

*I write mostly fluff and angst, smut isn't so much my thing *finger guns**

Oh, also this book is complete! technically incomplete forever bc of all the drafts later on but I aint gonna write those.

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BladePeirce BladePeirce May 19, 2016
Cuz socks are evil. & YES GERARD. I WOULD KNOW!!!!
                              (Had to.)
Rebel_And_A_Sinner Rebel_And_A_Sinner Jul 16, 2016
Ah, fun story.
                              My hands are so cold, my friend calls me corpse.