Come In With The Rain [Bellamy Blake]

Come In With The Rain [Bellamy Blake]

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[BOOK 3]


❝You're the kind of reckless that should                   send me running.❞

          Mount Weather had been brought down - by the hands of Clarke and Bellamy mostly. What they had done would surely haunt them; they had made Mount Weather nothing but a ghost of a building after they radiated the entire mountain, wiping them all out. 

           Athena Grace was a living representation of a battle scar, she had her wounds to prove it. She had been brought back from the brink of death thanks to Abby Griffin's medical knowledge but when she came back she was different - she didn't want to be around her own people, she couldn't even look at them anymore. 

            A month had passed by until she was finally stable and once she was, she left what was no longer Camp Jaha but beginning the decent to becoming Arkadia. She left everything behind, her friends, her father - Bellamy. 

             She turned her back and began her journey to recovery elsewhere. No one quite knew where she went - all they knew was that she left with Aura and that they never saw her during the four months after Mount Weather. 

            But she couldn't stay gone forever, there was only so much time she could stay away until she'd need to return and when she does many other battles are thrown in her direction - many more that would end in further battle scars.

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i wish jasper knew that there were more girls than just Maya :( he literally broke my heart, it's so sad
MissRoyal1 MissRoyal1 Apr 11
Ok I’m pissed but happy. Everyone always cuts Gina out of the story and I’m happy and proud of you for incorporating her into your amazing story
LA_Girl29 LA_Girl29 Apr 21
This is going to kill me, read that one line Shane said and I don’t even know if I wanna continued, 😭 and now A went from Octavia to Clark’s role 😂
Um  excuse you gina but those lips are athenas , now kindly float yourself
but she didn't feel the same way with dimitri as she did bell so that's a different story.
thelibraryofme thelibraryofme Dec 27, 2017
gina was the most unnecessary, unimportant person in the show she had like no purpose but to break out hearts 😂