A gift left in the basket ( Yandere Neko X reader )

A gift left in the basket ( Yandere Neko X reader )

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This is a yandere neko story!

Well... Little Miss (Y/N) Finds a basket whats inside? You be the judge...
Here's a bit how the story well go down in future chapters....

I felt insane bathing in the blood of friends....
He had brought fresh dead bodies..... He was insane..
He locked me up in my own home... He took me into a different home..
Not even a home... a cave..... of some sorts... a nightmare of some sorts... He was
Love-sick of some sorts...

Warning This was a new story, I went back to it recently the new chapters are quite okay, So yee!

jeagerprobs jeagerprobs Sep 19, 2016
Okay if this is Yui from Diabolik Lovers 😐🔫 bc no she is too stupid for me and that's saying something
AtashaAndreos AtashaAndreos Sep 05, 2016
Yui is a girl name.....but ok il agree with the name.... (the name for a boy if you named it Yui is Yukio)(I dont know if Yukio is a girl name but oh well)
Yui_chaan Yui_chaan Jun 06, 2016
No.....I was naming the reader Yui XD Now this is just screwed up cx
SceenieWeenie SceenieWeenie Jul 03, 2016
When I read the Ahh~ part I couldn't help but think of the narrator from spongebob...
                              Ahh~ Bikini bottom, home of the joyous sponge and pink friend~
- - May 18, 2016
Umm...this is awkward because my o.c that I use for these stories is named yui too so...yui and yui?
SophiChuZilla SophiChuZilla Oct 11, 2016
I've started to imagine the boy as my crush. Well then, this is feels weird.