Fatty - e.d.

Fatty - e.d.

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chillcamfam By chillcamfam Updated Oct 30, 2017


Thea Frazier was a slightly thicker girl. Thicker than all of the other girls in her high school. She would get called names by everyone. Pig, biggie. But the one that hurt her the most was, Fatty. The boys always called her that. Especially one boy, Ethan Dolan.

She made it through high school and graduated and got a job in New York as an accountant. She lost weight but the weight in her thighs always stayed the same. 

Unexpectedly, Ethan and Thea run into each other again. Thea thinks it's going to be high school all over again. But, she's surprised when a different side of Ethan is expressed.

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GummyJellyBear GummyJellyBear Jul 14, 2017
The only thing that sucks about being a little overweight is when it is gym class at school and you have to do push ups.... Probably just me because I'm not all that strong
I saw a post on instagram where there were like 9 girls. Different shapes same weight
elchickendolan elchickendolan Jul 02, 2017
Being thick is good. They jus made cuz they skin and bones💀
love_3409 love_3409 Apr 13, 2016
You are beautiful and perfect just be  yourself and don't let anyone bring you down
HiddenAngel_ HiddenAngel_ Dec 14, 2016
This sounds like a teenage girl conversation more than as co workers😂
HiddenAngel_ HiddenAngel_ Dec 14, 2016
YADSS THANK YOU NOT ONLY ME! So many people would wait for their hair to dry just bc shower caps are 'ugly'. Like whose looking at you washing yourself anyways -_-