Zodiac Signs 2

Zodiac Signs 2

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MrGuineapigs By MrGuineapigs Updated Jul 06, 2017

It is I, your favorite ratchet guinea pig, MrGuineapigs, and I am here to present to you Book 2 of my Zodiac Sign book series, in this book we shall explore the weird depths of random shit that I think of.

I didn't make most of these and therefore take credit for like 10% of this. If you find a chapter that you created AND can prove that you created it, then I'll be happy to remove or give credit (wattpad or tumblr) on that chapter. Please PM me if this is the case.

Please don't get mad, this is not 100% accurate :).

Thanks to @Lemons17 for the cover!

Book Peak:
#245 - Random - 6/04/16

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The-Last-Cookie The-Last-Cookie May 09, 2017
I hold so many people up and if I fall they fall with me...
                              I took this way to seriously 😂
wolfgirl574 wolfgirl574 Dec 17, 2017
Sail LITTLE SHIP!!! SAIL!!! *gets little fan and continues screaming at the boat*
I catch too many people but they don't want to catch me see
                              I'm staying nonsense.
hi___anne hi___anne Aug 11, 2017
I am the bridge. The boat is my life and feelings.
                              Was that too deep?
That_Gossip_Girl That_Gossip_Girl Oct 27, 2017
Is this San Andreas ? I know it’s a movie but I forgot what it’s called.
666MasterJinx666 666MasterJinx666 Jul 25, 2016
I hate that my sign does not relate to me in any way
                              BUT Scorpio does