Castiel's  Daughter

Castiel's Daughter

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Castiel_Dianite By teamdianite12345 Updated May 15, 2017

A 9 year old girl named Grace, is the daughter of Castiel, but she doesn't know that. Her mother died, and Grace has been living on her own ever since, until she meets her new family! 
The Winchesters!!

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_Keep-Dreaming_ _Keep-Dreaming_ Aug 30, 2017
Hey random stranger, I'm gonna go with you because you have a cool car and are totally not suspicious or anything
iheartghost iheartghost Sep 08, 2017
Hey I just bumped into some random guys on the street, went with them got into their car, and they didn't even have to offer candy.
_Keep-Dreaming_ _Keep-Dreaming_ Aug 30, 2017
I ship it, unless you know, he is related to her or something.
LibbieBlackout422 LibbieBlackout422 Aug 27, 2016
Seriously Sam, Dean? You just have a nine year old come with you holding an iron box and you don't ask her where her parents are?
foxworth32103 foxworth32103 Jan 09, 2017
Oh cool two men that can totally over power me and kidnap me and the ask me to walk with them. Sounds legit
theforgotten_angel theforgotten_angel Nov 26, 2016
I'm jealous because my grandfather had a car like that but he sold it before I could get it