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Accidental Malfoy Twins

Accidental Malfoy Twins

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Alekei Lee Smith By AlekeiAngel Updated Feb 16, 2016

When for the sake of the Wizarding Relam the Truth of that 'Fateful' night stay's hidden. 
The Potter Twins Godric and Hadrian Potter both one years old are a Family Friend who has the best intention for the Magical Relam, while the Leader for the Light turns Corrput and an Innocent man is Blamed and his once 'Good' name Crucified.
The Boys now lives as the Boy-Who-Lives. Being raised as a Prince and getting the Fame and Gratitued among other Pleasentries of the Magical Realm.
While the other is taken and placed with a Pure-Blood family and raised as a proper twin. Hidden in the Shadows, raised as a perfect Pure-Blood.
Will the 'Truth' come to light?
11 Years old and Hogwarts is preparing for Battle as these-
Three Younglings turn the Magical Realm upside down and Albus is in for one Rude Awakening!"

Two ugly faces as mates… yet your both your hair are different stories entirely wtf