Sans x Reader

Sans x Reader

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Markiplite333 By Markiplite333 Updated Nov 03

What happens when you're teleported into your favorite videogame? It's all you could hope for... at first


Lol I have no idea what I'm doing, or where this might end up. I'm trying to keep it gender neutral, so anybody who wants to read this can fully enjoy it. If you see a mistake, please correct me.

Sans x Reader cause I suck at titles

Tibia honest this is me. 
                              Like seriously 
                              That's my undyning wish 
                              I'm a lot like Sans bc I'm so humerus
* claps leafs* it's already good! I know you can do this! Even tho I came late!
Hello its Jake from Statefarm, welcome to burgar king how may I help you?.............. Two questions? Why did I say burgar king? And why did I imagine him saying it in a girl voice da fuq?
Wait.... I'm- is that-? 
                              OML HWSOXKXKDISKS *passes out*
                              MAKING BACON PANCAKES 
                              TAKE SOME BACON AND PUT IT IN A PANCAKE
xkawaiicatx xkawaiicatx Apr 24
that's my whole life right there. youy r like, my sprit animal rn.