Healing // Fourtris {WATTYS 2016}

Healing // Fourtris {WATTYS 2016}

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♛kaela♛ By mendingfourtris Updated Nov 07

(After Allegiant)

Tobias Eaton is a broken man. 4 years without the love of his life haven't done him any good. He's tried every kind of treatment out there, but nothing works. 

Tris Prior has just woken up. After 4 years in a coma, she is frustrated, confused, and scared. The only person she wants is Tobias. Despite the state she is in, she's determined to get back to him.

Tobias and Tris are soon brought back together. Although they had both dreamed of being together happily again, it isn't as easy as they thought it would be. Both of them are broken after these 4 years.

But together, they can heal again.

ren_bear ren_bear Apr 10
Tbh this book is amazing! You deserve more views. It would mean a lot if you could check out my book Marks.
The feels though! I'm already loving this book! Thank you for making it!!!!
I will keep posting the following message until this book gets featured.
                              How tf does this book have only 267 views?
owwell1028 owwell1028 Apr 02
I Love your stories a lot...please keep making new stories about four and this I would really love to read them..
I went and Saw Alleigant The other day and it was Amazing!!! And I've read the Books they were so good besides the part where Tris died. I love this book already
- - Mar 10
Man don't be like Roth! Bc if your anything like Roth you will kill off 70% of the characters like throughout the actual series