Penthouse Passion [l.s]

Penthouse Passion [l.s]

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"We are renovating your flat and would like for you to move up to the penthouse for free."

-"What's the catch?"

"You have to share it with Harry Styles."


Louis has no other choice then to move up to the penthouse, because the owner of the complex wants to renovate his flat. He gets to stay at the penthouse for free on one condition.

He has to share it with Harry Styles, a man who is in the same position as Louis.

Cover by @brblarry
Author: @brblarry
All rights: @brblarry

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shelby1Dx shelby1Dx Aug 01
Aww that's great feel bad about how his parents treat him but he has his own life that Louis can live his own way, and chocolate, Chip, and cookie are the cutest, loved it...
Can my responsibilities just leave me alone. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
I grew up religious but I looooove me the lgbt community. I rather hang around them than straight people tbh. People be shocked that a heterosexual Christian girl supports gays. Um...yes I do. 100%. Anyone who has a problem with that can square up right now.
Jazz_122 Jazz_122 Sep 12
I had these 2 puppies my dog with her litter of 4 one was black and big and the other was black and the runt so we named them chocolate and chip
I mean that's kinda understandable, since that's the only way they were raised, at least they tried to accept it right?
i always wanted a hedghog but whenever I tell my parents they laugh