Tidel Wave Nico Di Angelo x Reader (completed)

Tidel Wave Nico Di Angelo x Reader (completed)

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deltaomega27 By deltaomega27 Completed

Completed (: 
Warning: this is my first work! To me, it's kinda cringe but I need to edit it. (: kinda cliche I guess.

You are 15 years old and the only half-blood that Nico Di Angelo can stand. Little do they know that they have crushes on each other. This is after the second titan war and war with Gaea. This will have quest, drama, almost dying and more.

The sequel is out. It's called 'Out of the Shadows'

If my mom saw be talking to any boy she would drag me away and give me a "life lesson" speech about boys. It's not easy having over protective parents.
stimpy24 stimpy24 2 days ago
could you not use gender in this for the reader, that would be awesome, thanks
Major_Probs Major_Probs Jul 01
Am I the only one who notice the switch between point of views?
Please tell me I'm not the only one imagining my mom saying "beep beep" from the car window. Please tell I'm not the only one.
I'm hades gal' cause otherwise only Arthemis comes out and ya know... 
                              Well I dont know how big I am cause I calculate in meters and am too damn lazy to see what it's in feet
As someone who's real life mom was named after Iris, I wonder why anyone would want to be a child of the big three, seems like too much work