Bitch, Please (Koli)

Bitch, Please (Koli)

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t(ツ)_/¯ By AnonymoulyBeautiful Completed

Oliver Sykes; nerd, book worm, and highly obsessed with the head cheerleader, Kellin. 

Kellin Quinn; sass queen, gender fluid, and annoyed with the fact a loser keeps asking to go to the Valentine's Day dance with him.

Collab with: iluvmusic323

piercesirens-kellic piercesirens-kellic May 21, 2016
He think I don't know my own name I know my name- Pablo a.k.a Vic Fuentes
You betta stay on that side of the street motherfucker i wil knock you out
                              -gerard way
Blurring_Silence Blurring_Silence Apr 17, 2016
Kells ur doing this wrong Austin has Alan. You and Vic are supposed to go together but I can't stap myself from reading kolis X/
Olober_fucking_Sykes Olober_fucking_Sykes Oct 09, 2016
                              He's so cute!!!!!! 
                              OLI COME'RE AND GIVE JOANA A HUGGGGG!!!!!
klexin klexin Sep 01, 2016
When it's windy like this I have to walk sideways or else my hair does weird stuff
                                           -Kellin Quinn (not really a quote but has really helped me on windy days)
youfuckingprat youfuckingprat May 28, 2016
Wish we could turn back time
                              To the good old days 
                              When ptv had hair