Bitch, Please (Koli)

Bitch, Please (Koli)

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t(ツ)_/¯ By AnonymoulyBeautiful Completed

Oliver Sykes; nerd, book worm, and highly obsessed with the head cheerleader, Kellin. 

Kellin Quinn; sass queen, gender fluid, and annoyed with the fact a loser keeps asking to go to the Valentine's Day dance with him.

Collab with: iluvmusic323

Stand up for what you believe in even of it means standing alone
                              ~ andy biersack
"Is it sex if your belly button touches the other belly button?"
                                 -Jack barakat
Life didn't come with instructions, f*ck it do it your own way ~ me
If my crish called me Oscar or Omar I wouldn't correct them I would just can girl over the face they even talked to me let alone knew I existed
Okay Kells, I love you, don't get me wrong, buuuuut you're being a bitch, like Oli is the most adorable idiot ever
                              "Stars can't shine without darkness" <.< I don't know who said that but that's my favorite quote