A little different (Diabolik lovers x reader)

A little different (Diabolik lovers x reader)

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Ciy111 By CIY111 Updated Aug 27, 2016

The Sakamaki's and Mukami's have been sent to live with you. A kind  girl with a smart mouth. What could possibly go wrong, actually you probably shouldn't answer that all lot could go wrong. I mean a lot.

The silent rain could be heard as the car drove along the road. The brothers sat across from each other wishing each other would go away.  They were all quiet deep in thought, thinking about why Karl Heinz would send them away. The mood was still dark and despising.  'why did he send them to here'

Caution very slow updates very slow

ticcitoby1104 ticcitoby1104 Aug 14, 2016
Shawn my Bae !!!! And the little sister is so cute !!! My little sister is too she's so cute and adorable she's only a couple of years younger than me ! 😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😉😉😉
LegendaryKisses LegendaryKisses Dec 02, 2016
Now that i actually see all of the lyrics it outlines the characters so well
Suicide_writer_3 Suicide_writer_3 Oct 16, 2016
My eyes change colour ALOT some times green and some times brown although there mainly sky blue...
klumsykoala klumsykoala Nov 04, 2016
Mmm oreos......now I want Oreos!!! Look what you've done Author- Chan!!😭🔫
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MintyWave MintyWave Dec 19, 2016
Care bears. My friend and I used to pretend that they were demons and they haunted my house so we had to hide under bed covers so they wouldn't eat us. Yep... I had quite the imagination at age 8... Imaging that I had friends...