Crossed Hearts (Markiplier and Darkiplier x reader) (Discontinued)

Crossed Hearts (Markiplier and Darkiplier x reader) (Discontinued)

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Kara By KaraTheGamer Updated Aug 04, 2017

-My AU-

Dark and Mark are twin brothers who are princes and heirs to the throne of the kingdom. Mark is naturally the first choice since he is kind and caring. Dark is power-hungry and impatient. Angry at his brother for taking the crown, Dark locks Mark in the dungeons so he becomes king instead of Mark

One day a girl returns...a girl very dear to the two brothers' hearts. Can she rescue Mark and stop Dark's oppressive rule over the kingdom?

((Currently discontinued. Possibly revivable -K (5/4/17)))

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Thewolf525 Thewolf525 Apr 11, 2017
Hell no, this is Murcia'! (For me :P) And I do not agree with this! 🦅
You just sang the song that will play when they dig your grave, pal
J_Lettuce J_Lettuce Feb 19, 2016
Sure, just put a p!atd song in a markiplier fanfic and make me cry, that's fine.
TWDandme TWDandme Feb 07, 2016
I'm getting a weirdish vibe to beauty and the beast here but it just includes a jealous brother's rage lol
Dragonghost3 Dragonghost3 Jun 15, 2016
I love this I've never read a midevil time story with fanfic
LivDivIsHeart LivDivIsHeart Aug 17, 2016
You know that adrenaline feeling? Its rushing through my veins!