best friends with the bad boy

best friends with the bad boy

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Jessica Hearty is about to turn sixteen, the good girl in town. And she's best friends with her neighbor since he moved in before kindergarten. 

Lyric Parker is the bad boy of the town, who just happens to be Jessica's best friend. 

Lyric has a record, but Jessica is there to bail him out every time, being there for him, and him being there for her through almost everything. 

But Lyric also likes to play around with girls, which Jessica disapproves, only because since fourth grade she had the biggest crush on him. 

Jessica doesn't know how to tell him, so she doesn't, only letting Lyric play more, hurting her more, than finally she can't take it anymore. 

What will Lyric do to get Jessica back, or will he never get her back?

wow me and my bestfriend fight over stupid stuff to and when it gets physical we just laugh after
Kittyiscat Kittyiscat Jun 11
My best friend is mean she'd laugh then go watch her movie 😭
me bestfriend - " whatever bitch call me when your not being pathetic " and then she watches the movie and we end up laughing
Aww I imagine my friend who is 6 y/o saying that and I'm crying now
Every freaking bad boy are like that....they flirt with other girls but what they don't know is that they secretly like the girl who he hangs out with since they were little
I want a bad boy best friend 😂 I'm the good girl and I'm considered smart like I want a best friend who will try to get in trouble and I'll help them out of it. Life would be interesting somehow with a bad boy/girl beat friend. Welp