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The shade of werewolf

The shade of werewolf

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prayer circle 🙏🏻 By prayercircle Updated Feb 11

"I want you, Gray. I want you to give me every ounce of your being. I want know how you feel. I want to know how you taste. Most of all, I want to know what you sound like when I bury myself deep inside of you, and have you screaming my name." He breaths, running his nose against my cheek. I let out a shaky breath and whimper as Calvin's hands dig into my thighs. My body is begging to be touched.

musicmonster211 musicmonster211 Dec 06, 2016
Yep. The French color red is going to sneak through the borders and kill you.
alexisshropshire321 alexisshropshire321 Sep 15, 2016
Hey did anyone watch the new season last night. It was SO GOOD!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍
CholaRomero24 CholaRomero24 Jun 09, 2016
They're weird....
                              The first time I ever watched that show a guy was raped to death by a pointy Dick and a girl watching and laughing a creepy laugh..
                              But I guess, now, they're weird sometimes....
Only_The_UK Only_The_UK Jun 30, 2016
That's not the full phrase. It's "curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.
gemac54 gemac54 Sep 12, 2016
Yasss AHS!!! I need to continue watching it!! Along with a bunch of other shows, lol