Supergirl (WinnxKara)

Supergirl (WinnxKara)

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24 years ago, the planet Krypton was dying, Kara was sent to Earth to protect her cousin. Her pod was knocked off course and she stayed in a region of space in which time doesn't pass. Years later, she crashes on Earth, and by that time, her cousin was Superman. 

Winn is a 24 year old computer genius who works at Cat Co. with his friend Kara. Secretly, he really likes her but never had the courage to tell her the truth. 

What will happen when he discovers her secrets? What will happen when she discovers his past? 

From the tv series, 'Supergirl'.

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katnissisqueen katnissisqueen May 26, 2016
And she was in the region for 24 years. If she was in it for 12 superman would have been 12