My three what? Dark Mate BOYxBOYxBOYxBOY

My three what? Dark Mate BOYxBOYxBOYxBOY

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Brian 17 years old. A typical human boy who works at a bar. He leaves with his kitty Mr.Snuggles.

David,Axel and Chris three wearwolfs assassins. They rejected their first mate but what if the Moon Goddess have them a second chance?

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  • vampire
PMXlie PMXlie Sep 19
You live alone with a kitten, have no friends and you got no boyfriend, you live like that you're special because you're not insane, so good on you👍BUT you are (talking?/thinking?) to yourself.🤔
Well dag if that's not the most straight forward beginning of a book I've ever read I don't know what is I mean damn he just smacked you in the face with it 😐😓😞😕😟😧😦😩
"also i have no friends." i feel ya fam...i feel ya... *crys in the emo corner*
ForWhy1212 ForWhy1212 Sep 11, 2016
This feels like those addiction meetings in movies when they introduce themselves and everyone's like "Hi __"
ithemanyaa ithemanyaa Apr 02, 2016
You can't work at a bar until you can drink, plus the training takes awhile...
                              Oops sorry
MushiMushi1 MushiMushi1 Apr 22, 2016
Oh I couldn't tell from the book cover, your username, the bio, 
                              It's a werewolf story she says, I thought it had to do with elephants!