Assassination Classroom Lemons

Assassination Classroom Lemons

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Mikayla (Mickey) By Chu-ixxi Updated Jul 24

Mmm hi 

My name is Mikayla, you may have seen me in my best friend's book (Candy), and I was actually inspired by her to make this book xD and it's because her book is lemon free. I know lots of people love lemons, soooo here I am lmao 

1. This book will mostly contain x Reader but you can request character x character, as well as yaoi or yuri (though that will be kinda awkward to write, BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT)

2. This is a lemon book, but even so there may be times where I would write regular one-shots (cause, once again, WHY THE FUCK NOT?) 

3. If you have a request, please request HERE. I see many writers have a request page but people seem to write their request in other chapters. If you write your request in any other page, your request will be ignored.

4. ermmmmmm...........get slapped //SLAPPED 


Lyanne2006 Lyanne2006 May 09
Um can I request a Karasuma x reader?i'll wait for your answer!
You're pretty 😍 and I'm an ugly high school girl reading smuts
Can u make daddy karma X angel(that's my namehehehe) mommy reader
Tsundere!Karma x reader  and Tsundere!Nagisa reader. Also a Top!Nagisa x Bottom!Karma. Please.
Oh god I'm perverted... Karma x reader x Gakushuu {wet dream} O/////O
Could you maybe write a Karma x Reader x Gakushuu. Also I love your work! Keep it up!