Take Me With You ७ Mikayuu Fanfiction

Take Me With You ७ Mikayuu Fanfiction

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jUSt mOniKA By PikaGirl260 Updated Oct 20, 2016

Being a prince isn't easy. Sure, you have servants to cater to your every whim and are respected by the entire kingdom because of your position. But that's the glamour of it. The reality is much more difficult to adapt to, something that nobody knows better than Mikaela Shindo, heir to the throne belonging to their beloved kingdom. He knows he has a role to fulfill, but, in order to do so, he must be forced into things that he would otherwise have no part.

However, when a boy by the name of Yuichiro Amane sneaks into the palace in order to free his friends from the royal cells, Mikaela quickly realises something. He's an opportunity. A chance to be free from this dominating lifestyle from which he's unable to escape on his own. But it's risky; if he goes with Yuu, soon enough, the entire kingdom will be searching for the rogue majesty.

Only Yuu can decide whether he's willing to put his neck on the line for the only one to steal something from him that he's never permitted anyone to even touch, or allow the prince to remain trapped in a life he despises for the rest of its duration to ensure safety for him and his friends.

Then again, what is safe in kingdom where everyone wants you dead?

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trackback trackback Jun 02, 2016
Your writing is so amazing!! But oh yes cx I can't wait to see how this goes down with yuu-chan
AkitaYukimota AkitaYukimota Jan 27, 2016
Is this your idea for a full-blown MikaYuu fanfic? I like it ^^
halgeo halgeo Sep 01, 2016
They stole.....a pig?
                              How do you steal a pig ? 
                              Is it alive or dead?
Luke_963 Luke_963 Mar 30, 2016
Gotta say, the part about the bird cage and needing someone to find the key for him actually just really inspired me, I loved that. Brava madam!
cindykanda cindykanda Sep 01, 2016
wtf i just thought of mika in a cinderella dress singing to the birds