BTS smut

BTS smut

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Micce~ By Micce_kpopslut Updated Oct 30, 2016

I've planned these stories (I said stories cause I have a lot more planned to write) for a long time, and I finally got to write them!!! I'm a bad writer, but I hope you'll like my stories. 

Feel free to leave suggestions~~~


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beansus beansus Mar 13
"KISS MY KITTY", you shouted in frustration. Tae holds back his laughter, but does as you say anyway. He hurriedly bends down and grabs your pet cat who had been sleeping on the bed the whole time. He purses his lips and kisses the cat cutely. A hiss exclaims from the cat
jae_wae jae_wae Jun 16, 2017
I saw the cover as a V at first. Does that prove I have a dirty mind?
seuckjin seuckjin Aug 05, 2017
YES THERES SOMETHING WRONG R U DEAF?!??!??!!1!1!?!1?!1?!1??1!?!!?
imcharliepussy imcharliepussy Apr 28, 2017
well im allergic to cats so how am i suppose to kiss your kit-
Roovskyy Roovskyy Apr 16, 2017
You should listening to taehyung's playlist which has so much sexy song (kehlani songs and others hahaha)
creeping_in_ur_soul creeping_in_ur_soul Mar 20, 2017
My listening to my Little Pony's theme song #friendshipismagic