Grounders (The 100)

Grounders (The 100)

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"I'm a Grounder. I'm of the Tree People. I'm not just going to leave that all behind."

Joyla is a Grounder. She's a great hunter, warrior, and fighter. She's very proud of who she is and where she comes from. One day, as she's hunting for her clan, she sees something fall from the sky with smoke and fire trailing behind it. When warriors leave to investigate, they discover people.

Sky People

Joyla and other members of her clan proceed to watch them, seeing if they're a threat or not, while other members of her clan seek vengeance for the village they destroyed during their landing. One day, when Joyla and Lincoln get captured, she meets a certain, infuriating leader.

Will Joyla stay with her clan and fight for her people? 

Or will she betray them a nd fight for what she thinks is right?

I own nothing but my own original characters and/or their storylines. 

Started: January 2016

Finished: August 2016

_voidViolet _voidViolet Apr 07
Shouldn't it be 'no' instead of know? Sorry beforehand for correcting you, I know that not many people enjoy being corrected.