The Pregnancy Project

The Pregnancy Project

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It's what every senoir dreads. The hated Senior Project. It's been done many ways by many different teachers through many generations of seniors, but this year they are completly blowing it to a whole new level. No senior project has ever been done like this before, because no senior project has been meant to actually teach you something remotely useful to the real world. Well that stops here. This senior porject is designed to help senior prepare for life outside of high school. Having a baby. Yes, you heard correctly. Having a baby. 

       This project is going to take seniors through what it's like to be pregnant and, for the dads, what it's like to get someone pregnant. For 5 months the Senior moms will have to wear a special stimulator that will make them feel exactly what it's like to be pregnant. Then for another 5 months they will have to raise a baby. Sounds difficult, right? Well it get's worse. You have to be partnered up with someone you barely know. Now on top of getting pregnant and raising a baby, you have to get close and trust someone you barely even know. 

        Alyson Parker and Declan Carter are totally against this project. The thing is they get parntered up together. Now this is not the normal couple. It's not the bad boy and good girl, or two amazing people that fall in love at first sight. No, She's the school slut and he's the school player. It's bad girl vs bad boy. How can these two unstable, unreliable, completely careless people handle being pregnant and raising a baby? Well that's one dysfunctional fake family. Follow the twists, bumps and roadblocks the come along with this crazy ride. This is going to be a senior year for the books.

immeanbeuty immeanbeuty Sep 14, 2016
I chocked on my pickle .................................................................u dirty mined people
SlythindorHuffleclaw SlythindorHuffleclaw May 28, 2016
Senior projects are definitely a last 'fuçk you" from high school
divergentandtfios46 divergentandtfios46 Jun 12, 2015
U should of not picked emma stone to play alyson she should have picked nina drobev cuz girll emma stone is ugly just saying plus im loveing ur book so much so farrr!!!!!!<3<3<3<3