Under His Fierce Gaze.

Under His Fierce Gaze.

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He's never spoken a word to me. Not one single word. Despite the ten years that I've been lucky enough to have known him, he's never even attempted to engage in conversation with me. But he's always watching. Whenever I look up, I spot his beauteous, cold and calculating green emerald eyes watching my every move, studying me...memorising me. He watches me as if I'm the last thing in the world that'll keep him sane. Almost like if he stops watching me for just a second, I'll disappear.

Why is it that he's never spoken to me, but stares at me like I'm the last light in the universe that he wants to selfishly keep all to himself? It's clear to see that he possesses an aura of darkness around him, suffocating both him and myself. And for that reason, I'm absolutely and unquestionably terrified of him...but he's addicted to me.

My name is Mia Masters, and this is my story of how I discovered that I've always been, and always will be, imprisoned by my beautiful beast.

*Story may have sex*

- - Apr 04, 2016
I really love the beginning!! It's amazing!! Also, I really like your writing style! It has made the story even better to read! I'm looking forward to this book!! Gonna be my new wattpad favourite! :")
FinallyInfinite FinallyInfinite Dec 21, 2016
Ouch.  Also, I like the way this is worded, a good mix of bigger flowery words and simple words.  It's more interesting to read.
AminaAdamou AminaAdamou Apr 24, 2016
I'm really glad you started writing again, look forward to next chapters :)
Rememberence Rememberence Feb 21, 2016
I cannot wait to read more!!!!! Continue writing with such enthusiasm, you are going to go far.
DebjaniChakraborty DebjaniChakraborty Jul 12, 2016
Your bool is doing amazingly well.....
                              I am so in love with it.
- - Feb 01, 2016
I've found my new Wattpad no. 1. Can't wait for the next update!