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Hells Cross

Hells Cross

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Franchesca By Fran_Malaga Updated 6 days ago

In the year 3000, animals have been experimented on and turned into human-animal hybrids. These animals are known as Agam pets, pets that are nothing more than trophies to showcase power and status. 

Zyela, being the daughter of the wealthiest man on earth, is forced to get not one, but five Agam pets. Little does she know that the day she brings them home is the day her life gets completely changed, and not for the better.

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©copyright F.Malaga 2016

angsietys angsietys Jan 30, 2016
This chapter is amazing, it's definitely going to become one of my favorites. I can't wait to read the next chapter ^.^
KatrinePaul KatrinePaul Feb 17
First person to show you kindness and the instinct to claim a mate....
                              So sweet!
                              I love this story!😍
KatrinePaul KatrinePaul Feb 17
Author you annoy me!
                              This book is so damn cute and developed I'm speechless when it comes to commenting! Excellent work!😊 I'm speechless😄
gogolo12 gogolo12 Mar 29, 2016
im loving it. Great chappie as always. I like zyela for some reason.