WarriorsOfTheCentury News Book 1.1

WarriorsOfTheCentury News Book 1.1

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The Century Team By WarriorsOfTheCentury Completed

Hi there! 

The Century Team here with a fan magazine for you! Inside includes...

• Advertisements [by announcement only]
• Book Suggestions [monthly]
• Important Announcements for the account
• Interviews [by announcement only]
• More!

#447 in Random 9.7.16

Cover by: @-Skyfrost-
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HermoineBunny HermoineBunny Jul 25, 2016
wow I love warriors and I am glad to meet someone who also loves it to
dogabc6 dogabc6 Oct 23, 2016
*Thousands of little kits in their camps reciting the peom after someone dies* Kits: I promise to remember all these cats, for the rest of my life. Parents of kit: *Cries*
HannahChanTheNeko HannahChanTheNeko Sep 01, 2016
Yay! Can I get a shout out or get interviewed or SOMETHING? I NEED to be in this book!
Flyingatar Flyingatar Oct 20, 2016
It's... it's so.... *breaks into little tears of joy* It's so true, so perfect, it's my official new life motto... I can't even how perfect this is!