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Lauren, a girl who was forced to live with other people by her stepfather.

When she was little, she believed that her mother died when she's born, and her father died in a car accident.

She didn't know that her mother is still alive and is kidnapped, and his father didn't die because of a car accident.

Until she met those seven guys. Who bring smile, tears on her face, and danger to her life.

Can Lauren live in peace if she knows that she lives with seven boys who aren't human?

✽ discontinued.
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Taeri_taeri Taeri_taeri Sep 28
Ul be dissapointed if i talk so i better shut up before i shove my suitcase down ur throat
BTS4evrEXO BTS4evrEXO Jun 10
Me going into a forest... by myself... without eating? My ass is not moving an inch from that hose heck I won't wake up from the bed! Lol jk
nachokookie nachokookie Jul 13
                              THEY'RE BURNT NOW!!!
                              (food before hoes amirite😉😂😂😂)
BTS4evrEXO BTS4evrEXO Jun 10
Ummm yeah my death wish is to be with BTS, EXO, and Seventeen 😊👌🏼 thanks for asking.
Taeri_taeri Taeri_taeri Sep 28
Omg diabolik lovers
                              Im sure there will be loads of reference
                              And lets say she will live like yui
Bc maybe that's the only place my ass is safe from slenderman dude wtf ?!