Lexi's  Fate

Lexi's Fate

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Morgan Rider By neverfakeit Completed

Lexi Maxwell spent eighteen years living like a privileged mortal. That was before she fell in love with Hades and followed him home. Now she has a new set of rules to live by. In the sequel to LEXI'S UNDOING, our spirited demigoddess ditches her old life to follow her handsome god to his castle of the dead. Actually, the place isn't so bad. There's just the matter of his mate to manage.  

CONTENT WARNING: This story may offend the sensibilities of those unfamiliar with the sexual exploits of the gods. I suggest you drop your inhibitions at the door and embrace your inner nymph.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This work is owned by the author. Please do not attempt to plagiarize or Zeus will strike you down with a lightning bolt. IN OTHER WORDS: If you find this story on any platform other than WATTPAD, I did not allow this. You may also be exposing yourself to malware. If you wish to read this story in its original, safe form, do it here on WATTPAD.

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tinsausage123 tinsausage123 Mar 15, 2017
The disclaimer in the description tho... 😂😂😂😂😂
barbedoll barbedoll Sep 06, 2017
A line from the poem Ode by Arthur O'Shaughnessy. My favorite poem to recite in English Lit class.😊
Lestrange3 Lestrange3 Jun 28, 2017
I just don't understand how even the summary, disclaimers, and author's note can be almost as beautifully written at the story itself 😅
TheReviews TheReviews Oct 20, 2016
Please don't be cringy, please don't be cringy, please don't be cringy, please don't be cringy, please don't be cringy,
Fieona1 Fieona1 Nov 30, 2016
Hi i enjoyed Lexi's undoing and I'm really anxious about continuing it. Keep up the good writing...... Your fellow wattpadder!
austindanae austindanae Aug 30, 2016
Well apparently the sexy god of the underworld thinks so🙃