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NEHA By yescallmeking Updated an hour ago

She couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe that she was hearing this for real. Couldn't believe that the photo of a beautiful woman wrapped around him in a possessive embrace was real. Nothing was real, she wanted to believe, but the reality hit hard! It was.
            She could feel goosebumps on her skin. Sweat beads were lining up against her forehead as a bile rose in her throat. This was not happening. She kept staring into his intense grey eyes for quite some time to make sure if what she just saw was just a hallucination, but it wasn't. The brutal darkness of his eyes was giving her a clear message that it was all the truth, no lie, plain - simple - blunt and painful.
            His eyes were no longer warm surrounded with charm and sensual charisma that made her go weak in knees, they were rather cold and calculating. The passionate and loving man whom she had fallen in head over heels in love with was lost, and standing in front of her was the same person she failed to recognize no matter how hard she tried. He was, perhaps, the man whom she'd first encountered on the deserted street of London - ruthless, cold, and calculating.
            Trying hard to mask her tears she tightly clutched the paper she was holding in front of this known stranger. "Please tell me it's not true, Riccardo."
            He gave no signs of empathy towards her, the heart which used to beat in sync with the rhythm of her own heartbeat had taken another wave now. "I'm afraid it is, Juliet." He spoke turning away typing something vigorously on his iPhone like he didn't care for her at all.
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ZareenSS ZareenSS Feb 03
You know the way you name your characters are similar to sweetdreamer33.
                              I'm not saying you copied her or something maybe you have the same sort of liking to European people and culture or something