Unhealing Wounds

Unhealing Wounds

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I try hard not to cry as I'm thrown on the floor. My body is shivering in pain but I managed to say:
"Please Yahye, please don't hurt me anymore. What did I ever do to you?" I begged like I'm a dog since I had a chain strapped around my leg. 

"Shut up you little brat!! I hate you, and you know what...... I will never love you. Never. I wish I had the one and only person I love.... but she's gone." He looked up at the ceiling, but then turned around to face me as I was crying. His words hurt me more than I ever expected. "Shut up!! You'll wake up Sainab!!" He ran a hand through his hair and then left the room, locking it behind him.

Young twenty-four year old Hayaat ends up marring a monster. All she wanted was her mother to be happy, before her mother is gone(dies). She never thought that she'd end up chained like a dog, hated so much, starving(sometimes) and in a very dark room.
All she can do is have faith in Allah, pray salaah, read Quran and make dua.

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ShukriAbdikadir ShukriAbdikadir Jan 15, 2017
Kids this days think their parents will embarrass them in front of their friends......That's how life is this days......May Allah protect us and also guide us. .....
ayemaaaaaan ayemaaaaaan Jan 07, 2017
I don't if Yahya is gonna become good or I should keep on hating him.
ghitabz ghitabz Feb 18, 2017
Wuuut? I am sooo out of words . What is he even a human being . Whatever happened he should not attach a person like it's some kind if animal let alone it's a woman ( wife to be precise) .