New Born Vampire Series 1: The New Born Royal Princess [REVISING📝]

New Born Vampire Series 1: The New Born Royal Princess [REVISING📝]

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♕ Queen Siren ♕ By FlairStoica Updated May 21


Entering a school full of vampires is not one of Julia's plan. But after meeting and loving a guy named Theodore Valerious, she realized that she must face risky things just to enter the love of her life's world. The world of vampires to be exact. 

But fate is a cheater. Cause after the days she spent her most beautiful moments of her life with Theo, Theo break her heart, unexpectedly. Telling she's nothing but a toy to him. 

So she promised to herself, she will forget him. She will forget him and all the happiest moment she have spent with him. 

And she did. She did forget him with the name Kate Merilia Vrey. The long lost vampire princess of Vrey clan.  


New Born Vampire Series 1: The New Born Royal Princess || Theodore Valerious and Kate Merilia Vrey

Story Started: 16|02|23
Story Ended: 16|04|29
Highest Rank: #3 in Vampire Category

Credits to @MorganGraphics♥ for the book cover.

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interesting.. prolouge palang... sabayan nyo po kong basahin to haha ... ( ^,..,^)/
I wish this story is perfect like the story of The Other World's Lost Twin Princess... GOOD LUCK!!
KasumiYoe KasumiYoe May 10
Hmmm... The story is interesting... Huh.. Hahaha.. I like it..
Don't yah worry, As far as I know swan ka, Black Swan nga lang
epgielle_64777 epgielle_64777 Dec 24, 2016
Ateeee! Em telling yaa! The best hhihi di ko pa nababasa nikikilig na ko hihi
maryjanecarpon maryjanecarpon Apr 20, 2016
Blackwell?? Omg sa 10 days at madhouse yan diba hihi yung blackwells asylum doon pinupunta yung mga babaeng baliw pero kinakawawa lang sila..
                              Anyway lalong nagiging interesting story mo yiiiiee