Bad Boy Is My Boyfriend | Baekyeon

Bad Boy Is My Boyfriend | Baekyeon

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"What are you doing in my house?" Said taeyeon. "I just want to sleep, it's ok, just do your work." Baekhyun said. I feel like want to slap this guy, who the fuck he is want to stay at my house whenever he wants?

This story is about taeyeon, who is pretty, clever and kind-hearted girl but she's never have a boyfriend. She's happy with her life until she meet baekhyun, the bad boy in their college. Taeyeon is new in that college, so she didn't know anything about that college. But, many people said that baekhyun is evil, but she's don't even care about that guy.

Baekhyun is handsome but cold-hearted and he likes to bully others student in their college. He likes to do whatever he likes but his life changed until he meet taeyeon, the new student in their college.

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The first met is good. Imagining baek with blue eyes... gee. It is baek right??!
Haha! Sh't? Why he let that alarm if it is sh't? Hahaha! Poor My Answer...
AutumnBookLover AutumnBookLover Jan 25, 2016
Your grammar isn't that bad, don't worry :) You can do it, hwaiting!
ChanKim321 ChanKim321 Jan 24, 2016
Your story seems really interesting, I hope you update more often! :)