Repaying the CEO | Jungkook BTS

Repaying the CEO | Jungkook BTS

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˗ˏˋ your crush ˎˊ˗ By BizzleRazzle Updated Jan 21

"You never told me you killed for a living."

"I don't", he hisses, "They do, I don't."

I raise my hands up in a defeating manner. "Okay, then, but you do talk to other criminals and-"

Suddenly Jungkook brings up his dagger. Almost threatening me.


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Yes but no, I think I know what's going on but I'm not sure 😆 tho good narrating 👍 fighting!~
Omggg this is only the first chapter and I'm already crying author-nim what are you doing to me?!?! 😢😢
(But this would probably be me tho if I was in such a situation)
You are an amazing author, seriously your style of writing is beautiful...just....waahhh👍👍👍😀😀
Touchdaskai Touchdaskai Feb 18
                              Vernon will probably be confused as heck
                              "Wth is going on? Whatever."
Sweetsunshine292 Sweetsunshine292 Dec 08, 2016
                              Jungkook kills me and my hearteu erreday ok?
                              And am pretty sure he can do the same to you so...
                              BYE FELICIA