5SOS BoyxBoy Smut

5SOS BoyxBoy Smut

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twinkmalum By twinkmalum Updated Sep 09, 2016

*Ashton POV* 

You could say I'm pissed right now. 

I keep watching Calum, whose dancing with a girl rather sexually(and it totally didn't turn me on a bit, totally).

Me and Calum were now dating around 4 months already and him letting girls grind on him in a club without even being tipsy made my blood boil. I on the other hand am sitting at the bar slowly drinking a beer, letting my eyes follow Calum as he dances around like a slut. For the ones asking, no Calum doesn't drink, he doesn't like the fast of alcohol, its "too strong and it burns your throat" yeah duh! Well whatever, not like I mind. 

After a few more minutes of watching Calum dance with a trashy looking female, he looks up at me and winks. HE FUCKING WINKS AT ME. I've had fucking enough of him, oh but how I knew why he did it. I walk towards him, grab his arm and drag him out the club we were in, resulting in the girl pouting and Cal smirking. 

*Calum POV*

After I got dragged out of the club, away from the girl I was...

SkyzBell SkyzBell Jun 14
Ok, what just happened. My body is having a weird reaction to this. 80%=horny
                              3%= I wander what Henry would say if I show him this?
Thought he said "Green Day" instead of "Green daddy"....
                              "It's Green Day, daddy!"
Rainaziq Rainaziq Jun 03
I'd correct you but I'm just gonna go with angy because why not ✌️👋
I know it's just a fanfic but I can't get over how characters in books that r gay are like 
                              Mmm u taste so good
                              I have to take a pause because it makes it sound like the tops like the taste of shīt
shataya360 shataya360 5 days ago
What was with the color thing though I'm confused someone please help me or explain
ILavayooux ILavayooux Jan 14
Our Father, Who art in heaven
                              Hallowed be Thy Name;
                              Thy kingdom come,
                              Thy will be done,
                              on earth as it is in heaven.
                              Give us this day our daily bread,
                              and forgive us our trespasses,
                              as we forgive those who trespass against us;
                              and lead us not into temptation,
                              but deliver us from evil. Amen.