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Black heart (Billcest) (BoyXboy)

Black heart (Billcest) (BoyXboy)

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Bill and Maddie By Bill_Cipher_1999 Updated Oct 17, 2016

Two brothers from completely different world one gentle and scared, the other insane and power Hungry 

What a cute couple

Gay_Marshmallow Gay_Marshmallow Jun 22, 2016
I just realized that Bill sounds a lot like claptrap from borderlands...
amywasaby amywasaby Dec 16, 2016
I feel like punching myself cause I couldn't do anything when they hurt Will😭😭😭
DinoRCH DinoRCH Aug 05, 2016
Oh I didn't know what they meant by 'Bananas' but it came around by thinking why dippers eyes shot up. *Claps awkwardly slow* thanks a lot =^)
Ikadraws Ikadraws Jun 12, 2016
Fear the banana dipper 
                              Who knows what it can do to you 
                              *insert Lenny face*