Various X Male Reader

Various X Male Reader

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Dan By danofthedead2014 Completed

Hello, I'm Dan. This is my various X male reader book. Requests are open, so drop a comment or dm me an idea. 

A few of the already written stories come from the following fandoms;

Attack on titan 
Heroes Of Olympus 
The Maze Runner

And I am open to MANY more, along with repeated characters, fandoms, and part twos! 

The only thing I won't do is SMUT, so keep that nastiness outta my requests. 


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Hello. If you're still doing requests, I would like to give one of mine.
                              Seme!Kuroko Tetsuya x Uke!Male!Reader
                              - College AU!
                              - Reader is plain looking and has trust issues. 
duckypower duckypower Apr 30, 2016
That didn't answer his question 
                              He asked if you were alright Haru 
                              You don't respond with nothing
Choco_Bananas Choco_Bananas Jan 29, 2016
Okay thank now I just imagined my baby making dolphin noises while he stuttered OKAY NO I CANT STOP LAUGHING DAMN YOU
DragonKiller18 DragonKiller18 Feb 15, 2016
Can u do Dean Winchester x shy witch male reader when u have time of course
Choco_Bananas Choco_Bananas Jan 22, 2016
I mean, don't DO Haru, but I wouldn't mind if Male Reader did. ;)