Various X Male Reader

Various X Male Reader

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Dan By danofthedead2014 Updated Nov 12

Hello, I'm Dan. This is my various X male reader book. Requests are open, so drop a comment or dm me an idea. 

A few of the already written stories come from the following fandoms;

Attack on titan 
Heroes Of Olympus 
The Maze Runner

And I am open to MANY more, along with repeated characters, fandoms, and part twos! 

The only thing I won't do is SMUT, so keep that nastiness outta my requests. 


duckypower duckypower Apr 30
That didn't answer his question 
                              He asked if you were alright Haru 
                              You don't respond with nothing
Okay thank now I just imagined my baby making dolphin noises while he stuttered OKAY NO I CANT STOP LAUGHING DAMN YOU
Can u do Dean Winchester x shy witch male reader when u have time of course
I mean, don't DO Haru, but I wouldn't mind if Male Reader did. ;)