//Førest// [ j.d + t.j ]

//Førest// [ j.d + t.j ]

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if i believe you By electrahearthowell Completed

After a terrible school bus accident Tyler and Joshs' high school class need to get back home safely while facing some challenges on their way.

"Down In The Forest We'll Sing A Chorus, One That Everybody Knows."

Important: There Might Be Some Triggering Parts Here And There But I Include Warnings

                              Your singing is actually amazing
                              Not stfu and go start a band with your crush
my frens b day  is on April 2, but she was born at 12:00 AM.
Me. I was slowly dieing at a camp cause there was no electronics and i was too shy to sing at all
if you're about to comment something horrible about irl Debby like some people above have please reconsider before you do it because you don't know her personally and she means a lot to Josh so please be respectful, she's a lovely person.
Good Afternoon. My name is Russell. And I’m a Wilderness Explorer in tribe 54, sweat lodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?”