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Scraps ~ Ben Parish

Scraps ~ Ben Parish

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Ben Parish Af By privatecrank Updated Jul 07, 2016

Before the waves, before all the pain and suffering, before the Others destroyed everything; Ben Parish had only one thing on his mind. Her name was Dakota Joseph and she was the most beautiful specimen Ben had ever laid eyes on.

After the waves Dakota saw herself as another one of the Others overlooked scraps, the plate of leftovers that you pick at when there's nothing else to eat. Not even good enough for them to finish her off in the first four waves.

Ben had a different theory, a more confident perspective. The others weren't eliminating the toughest ones first and then weeding out the stragglers. Instead they were getting rid of the weak ones so they could get to the real fighters, separating the wheat from the chaff.

What the others didn't understand about wiping out an entire species is that after you take the first ones out, you're going to be left with some pretty pissed off remainders. And they're going to come at you with everything they've got because they have nothing else to lose. 

Whether they identify themselves as scraps or survivors they are coming and they will be the perfect human weapon in this formerly hopeless war.

z0mbabe_ z0mbabe_ Aug 04, 2016
I really want Ben to watch teen wolf because "the actress that plays Lydia looks just like Dakota"