Dirty Seduction (ChanBaek) 18+

Dirty Seduction (ChanBaek) 18+

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Park Jimin By kookiesjiminnie Updated Nov 10

"I'm horny."

That was one text. 
The single text that started of the art of seduction. 

"Then why don't you ask Baekhyun to help you?"

"He doesn't know me anymore,"

"Then make him,"

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i cant wait for the day i'll be able to talk to my friends about something so nonchalantly
Errybody say La la la la la 
                              Say La la la la la 
                              손을 들어 소리질러 Burn it up
ruminaer ruminaer Mar 13, 2016
oh I'm a lighter. better fûck off before i light you on fire dîckhead
x_CrispyDonut_x x_CrispyDonut_x Jan 23, 2016
Me when my friends ask why I'm not going to the club tonight
Raven_baye_Dayza Raven_baye_Dayza Jan 22, 2016
For some reason I got in trouble for reading this, oh well lol