Dirty Seduction (ChanBaek) 18+

Dirty Seduction (ChanBaek) 18+

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Becca Park By kookiesjiminnie Updated 4 days ago

"I'm horny."

That was one text. 
The single text that started of the art of seduction. 

"Then why don't you ask Baekhyun to help you?"

"He doesn't know me anymore,"

"Then make him,"

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yehet_ohorat_lulu yehet_ohorat_lulu Dec 19, 2017
im confused on what their actually relationship is with them like friends ex ex friends idk
Nao_South Nao_South Jan 07
I'll sidici Li Hin whili yii sidisi Biikhyin ind lit's sii whi gits thi ithir ini first, YOUR PEANUT OH SEHUN!
moncheriru moncheriru Mar 13, 2016
oh I'm a lighter. better fûck off before i light you on fire dîckhead
x_CrispyDonut_x x_CrispyDonut_x Jan 23, 2016
Me when my friends ask why I'm not going to the club tonight