Humanitys' Strongest Weapon (Shingeki no Kyojin fanfic)

Humanitys' Strongest Weapon (Shingeki no Kyojin fanfic)

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ms.tery By AuchiBoo Updated Jun 01

Xyra Grantaine Wissen.

She's the infamous unknown force behind the Survey Corps that can defeat a horde of titans in a matter of seconds like a tornado that swept everything it comes across. 

With her intellect and fighting skills believed to be on par with Humanity's Strongest Soldier - not that she'd ever met the guy. She is the perfect soldier humanity has to offer.

Then there's Humanity's Strongest Soldier, Captain Levi Ackerman. An exact replica of Xyra in combat and skills.

When these two meet, not only titans should humanity fear, but a raging war between these two shorties. 


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