Rejected But, Powerful

Rejected But, Powerful

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Queen Catastrophe By Queen_of_Catastrophe Updated Oct 28, 2016

*Sorry for the wrong grammars*

Meet Zoe Kent, The Omega of the Star Night pack. Typical Omega who is being abused and stuff. Even though Zoe has a difficult life, she just can't shut up her mouth. Always glaring and insulting at the people who hurt her. But she have enough when her mate rejected her. Jason, the soon to be Alpha, So she ran and ran. Until one day, she returned, But not for revenge, she has to help them from Hunters, but now, She's the strongest Werewolve that live, Leading the strongest pack in the werewolves community. 


Cover made by: @cantilly
cantilly the fat cat

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I love you, you are the best author no person i have ever met or read their thoughts:) respet
firebird123love firebird123love Jul 21, 2017
I love that. I honestly agree with you and make sure if you kill anyone you don't leave evidence behind xP
RoxaneMezher RoxaneMezher Dec 01, 2017
Grade 7 is highschool there god im a 9th grader first year of highschool
Crystal-_-Clear Crystal-_-Clear Mar 11, 2017
I understand. I hate it when people copy. I even wrote a paragraph about it in my bio. But then I had to get rid of it to make room for things that impossibly trigger me more
shopless shopless Jul 21, 2017
Omg yes good job... *starts crying* Mmm tears of happiness.... Yes....
The-Sarcasm-Queen- The-Sarcasm-Queen- Jan 09, 2017
umm... remind to never piss you off , I don't want to die i'm too young 😢😢😢😢