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Water Child(Akatsuki no yona(Yona Of The Dawn) fanfic)

Water Child(Akatsuki no yona(Yona Of The Dawn) fanfic)

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Kitty By Mysterious_Kitty Updated Mar 07

"In town......the water there.....find her.....she will help the red dragon....when the time is needed..." The Gods spoke to Ik-soo. 

This book has not been edited and I have purely made this for fun and to kill time, so it's not perfect because it's not meant to be. The first few chapters was written by me a year ago and they're very very novice so please excuse me.

I was told not to talk to strangers. But then I was also told to go to school and talk to strangers. Moms are confusing -~-
I Love This! ❤️ It's Amazing! I Can't Wait To Read The Rest! ^ ~^
Everyone is commenting on her childish behavior and I'm just like:
                              I ship it
Whitecloak Whitecloak Feb 27
I haven't learned anything in life other than how deep it is 😭😭😭 this made me see new things in life 
                              Sooo wise 👏👏
Whitecloak Whitecloak Feb 27
Nooo stay away call the police he might do something 
                              Didn't your mom teach u to not talk to creepy men who smile creepily
Breyer_Pheonix Breyer_Pheonix Dec 28, 2016
I actually laughed at this because I imagined him saying that in a strange voice with a sweat dropped expression. Also, how come in some story's its spelled Yoon and in others its Yun?