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Talk Curvy To Me (On Hold)!

Talk Curvy To Me (On Hold)!

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Audrey Ana Felicia Garcia By Vampirehorsequeen31 Updated Sep 07, 2016

Can be read as a stand alone novel, but highly suggested that you read the first book! Thanks!          
           The Sequel To 'Curves In A Bikini' 
     "Well hello there..." The handsome brunette smirked, looking me up and down. 
    I gave him a dirty look and walked into the elevator. Much to my surprise he stopped the doors before they could close and sauntered in. 

     I ignored him. Until he pushed me against the wall. His mouth was close to my ear. I shivered at his proximity. His touch was electrifying. 

     "Oh Love, I'd love to travel up and down all of your curves." He purred in my ear, his nose brushing my neck. 

 "Talk curvy to me." That was the last thing he said before I kneed him in the jewels. 

   "Silly boy, these curves aren't for kids." I smiled and stepped out of the elevator as the doors opened. 


    Loey Morgan is starting her new job at her mother's plus size fashion magazine. Everything's fabulous... Until she meets a cheeky, Irish, male model. His name... Shawn MacAuely. Once he wants something, he's sure to get it. And he wants her. 

   But is Loey going to fall into his arms like all the other girls in the office? Or is she going to fight him at every turn? 


            Loey is Zoey with an L by the way!

   I'm not from London nor have I been there, so any sets I used without accuracy I apologize, again this is pure fiction my children.

RoseGold_2 RoseGold_2 Dec 03, 2016
Omg. I laughed and hiccuped at the same time (I do this all the time)😣 and it went in instead of out and I choked while still laughing at this😂😂😂😢
Nep2918 Nep2918 Mar 20, 2016
Ch10 didn't post :(.  Instead the link brings you here to the preface :(
Ebslove Ebslove Apr 13, 2016
jack is actually older than her he was born when her mom was still pregnant
Ifrit_Power Ifrit_Power Sep 25, 2016
i'm getting that gut clenching feeling from reading this... is anyone else? no... I think I need to get myself a boyfriend...
FanfareWriter FanfareWriter Sep 03, 2016
Ava2012 Ava2012 Jul 13, 2016
Chelsea is 4'11""... and a model?!! Does she model kids clothes or something coz I never heard of traditional models being that short...