My mate. My brothers best friend. (EDITING)

My mate. My brothers best friend. (EDITING)

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Lillie summers is a sweet innocent werewolf girl. She simply loves everything and everyone. On her eighteenth birthday with the hope of finding her mate she dose just that. And her mate is non other then her brothers best friend, Anthony Williams.

Anthony Williams is a cocky 18 year old werewolf and soon to be alpha. He's anything but innocent and you would think twice before making him angery. So when he finds out that his best bros sister is his mate will he stick to the bro code?

Or will he risk it all? 

An alpha and a normal werewolf teenager combined making something crazy, wild, and most of all FUN!

#289 in werewolf 8-30-16 
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Complete 11/14/16

Cover made by: @SebStanIsBae

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loveonce378 loveonce378 Jan 10
No offence but I thought you would like to know the you spelled prologue wrong. I love the chapter though and I that you are a talented writer. :)
Er1car27 Er1car27 Aug 18, 2017
Hi I just wanted to let you know that you are misspelling warrior 😊
momolwinga momolwinga Jul 21, 2017
I love that k9ment when mine goes crazy with notifications about great books 😚😚😚
ElinJane ElinJane Jan 30
*than and *dad. Just wanted to point these out. Loving the book so far
Broadway003 Broadway003 Jun 19, 2017
Just a little strange, the age difference at this point I mean... 15 and 12 at that age it's weird but I suppose later it'll be fine at like 18 and 21
Ashley_C_Wilson Ashley_C_Wilson Sep 30, 2017
He's the top worrier. He gets really stressed when the lads have any drama and is super stress when he gets man flu because he might give it to someone else!!! Sorry. 😂