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"Never trust a duck" By jojo--SF Updated Jan 23

Stella once was the mate of a very powerful alpha, she had become the Luna of the his pack, the blood-moons, at sixteen. She spent two years playing house with a man she believed would love and cherish her only to find out he was playing her and was having an affair with another women. She rejected their bond and never looked back. Only when she was far enough away did she realize she was pregnant. 

An uprising puts Stella back in the same air of her mate except this time she had three children depending on her. 

War is about to break out.

Stella realizes that she is in the same side as her mate and his new wife and their child. 

It's a game of power.

Her children are becoming more observant than she had hoped and she is juggling with defending her pack and keeping her past hidden from inquisitive kids.

Everyone will become someone new as the are placed on the front lines of an emotional and physical war.


rhon671 rhon671 Aug 15, 2016
Well that just sucks, for him. No deal with it. Your mate is gone.