Stronger (Zeno X OC)

Stronger (Zeno X OC)

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jesus is da wae By cecipizza Updated Jul 01, 2017

Since I was a little girl, everyone in my village rejected me.
"God's mistake!" "Monster!" "Demon!"
I was no demon, but they called me that because of my family. My parents were executed. They were accused of witchcraft. And I couldn't save them.

I was brutally killed because I couldn't protect my husband.

I was dead for 6 minutes and 21 seconds.

Then the voice came, and I miraculously survived.

That was 2000 years ago.
Kiyomi was a wanted bandit. Her bounty was enough to feed 5 villages.

She was disguised as a male though, so no one would suspect her. 

Kiyomi was much loved by the villagers, for she drove away the violent officials and bandits that terrorized them.

What will she do when she finds out that The Dark Dragon and Happy Hungry Bunch are here?

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Komodo_Monitor Komodo_Monitor Apr 16, 2017
Isn't the name, Kiyoshi, the name of a avatar? (The last Airbender) or am I saying it wrong?
Yuki_TenshiXD Yuki_TenshiXD Jun 09, 2017
I had a tiger plush and it was exactly like that.White fue,black stripes and blue eyes andbwas named 'Shiro' what a coincidence!!!
L3AFY-chan L3AFY-chan Feb 04, 2016
Lol I'm imagining them like that right now, and Ao looks the funniest. XD
alicevaa alicevaa Oct 24, 2016
                              AFTER HAVING TO KNOW THAT ZENO'S THERE
                              EVEN IF I AM NOT
                              " YES, I AM  "
Dark_Angel_1011 Dark_Angel_1011 Sep 10, 2016
The white tiger is so kawaii. I LOVE WHITE TIGERS!😻. Also the name suits the tiger😜. I like how you make the chapters long. Love your story keep up the awesome work👍🏻